Your Tone of Voice – A Branding Essential

tone of voiceYour tone of voice is essential in establishing your brand. Big businesses know that – it’s why there’s a distinct familiarity when you see  or hear anything by Charlie’s Drinks, Pak ‘n Save or 2 Degrees Mobile.

We thinks it’s important no matter what sized business you are. In simple terms, people buy from people – so your tone of voice sets in play a whole bunch of emotional responses to your marketing. You don’t have to play ‘to type’, but you do have to play a type, consistently.

Corporate tones of voice encourage feelings of trustworthiness and establishment. Casual tones of voice encourage feelings of fraternity and accessibility. And so on… what’s your tone of voice? If you don’t know, we’ll help you discover it. Get in touch.

Corporate tone of voice

Corporates aren't always 'corporate' in tone of voice and some SMEs are very corporate indeed. It's your call. Does this sound like you?

Your KPIs set the performance criteria for our mutual success. Our services are tailored to address those KPIs seamlessly; providing ongoing accountability and transparency for the duration of the contract.

Casual tone of voice

A 'casual' tone of voice suits some clients down to the ground. It's relaxed and accessible for every client to understand. Does this sound like you?

Yep, we deliver. Even better we deliver when you want us to. That’s the kind of people we are… you give us a window of a couple of hours and that’s when we turn up. And if we muck it up, your veges that week are on us! We’re that kind of people too – accountable. So order your fresh organic veges to be delivered when you want, today.

Kid friendly tone of voice

Kid friendly for parents or kid friendly for kids? Probably both; because parents write the cheques. Does this sound like you?

We offer the kind of adventures that are way more fun than the latest game! It’s about getting out, getting dirty and making some awesome new friends. And along the way, they’ll learn a thing or two they can show off about. Yeah, that’s what we’re talking about… bragging rights! And you’ll know exactly what they’ve been up to – from the horse’s mouth.

Quirky tone of voice

You don't have to sound like anyone else; you can be as quirky as you like. We can help you define your own voice. Enjoy this quirky touch.

There once was a writer called Tipping

Whose copy was brilliantly spiffing

So she set up a shop

So all companies could ‘pop’

Without all that endless hand wringing