The Technical Copywriter / Freelance Technical Writer

Specialist and technical writing covers a huge swathe of specialisms but a good technical copywriter / freelance technical writer is capable of understanding the detail, and making your story sell. In technical and specialist sales, you have to persuade the cheque writer as much as the end user. And that’s not always easy for technical sales teams, which is where we come in – because we regularly write for both and can do that for you.

The freelance technical writer’s specialist skills

Technical Writer

What we know is that detail is really important to technical people. But cheque writers want the return on investment explained.

What a good technical copywriter / freelance technical writer does, is listen very carefully to the detail and then translates your awesome features into the kinds of benefits their CFO can’t afford to pass up.

We get that technical writing has a steep learning curve; the good news is that the more you work with us – the faster we get.

What makes our technical copywriter services different?

It helps that we’re quite bright. But that’s not really the key. The key is that we get what marketing is about – how to turn features into benefits; benefits that really appeal! It’s not good enough to be leading edge unless that cheque writer ‘gets’ where it will save or earn them more money down the track.

As your technical copywriter / freelance technical writer we work really closely with you to identify your USP, your genuine advantages, and what that means for your clients. We make it painless because we know how to ask the right questions to get what we need.

We understand technical people aren’t always keen to speak to a ‘lay person’; especially if they’ve felt frustrated before. But your clients who sign off the spend are often ‘lay people’ too, so when we get – you can be sure that they’ll get it too. Get in touch.

The Copy Carats Difference

“Wow, again! …Thank you, your ability to absorb technical information has surprised me!” ~ Dr SungHoon Im, Coherent Solutions.

You’ll be amazed at how great our technical copywriter / freelance technical writer services are. And you’ll love it!