The Radio Copywriter / Scriptwriter for a Powerful Voice

In scriptwriting, timing is everything. You need to set the pace that will carry your audience’s understanding with you right to the end. The same applies to radio advertising, which is why you need a radio copywriter / scriptwriter who understands the medium and can deliver results. We’re headed by one of the few commercial radio copywriters to have ever been recognised by the UK’s most prestigious radio awards (the Aerials). Best copywriter NZ? She may just be.

The science behind our radio copywriter / scriptwriter services

Radio Copywriter

Not everyone knows that you can fit three words into a second. Just three! That’s a top tip right there!

A radio copywriter knows that the listener is going to have to hear that ad three times, before they’ll really notice. They also know they have to cut through, and give them a compelling reason to listen.

The same applies to speeches, video animations, and vlogs. And that’s why you’d hire an expert… to make sure you get it right.

What makes our scriptwriter / radio copywriter services different?

Experience. So much so, we are even a sometimes Lecturer at AUT – specifically in the areas of speechwriting and brochures. What we learned as a radio scriptwriter is how to write for that professional voice artist far away, to read. And when you work at that level, where you’re asking someone like Jane Horrocks to read your script, you really have to get it right.

Of course we include written instructions and guides… but the bottom line is that our scripts must be foolproof to deliver as our clients expect. We do the same for you. Whether you need scriptwriting for radio advertising, important presentations and speeches, for animated video ‘how to’ guides or your own vlog – we deliver. Because it’s scripted, you know it will work to time and deliver all of your key messages in the right order.

And if you need help to record it professionally or with imaging – we can hook you up with the expertise you need, at the right price. Get in touch.

The Copy Carats Difference

Runner up in the UK’s most prestigious Radio Awards 2006, and AUT Lecturer in speech writing and brochures 2013, 2014.

When you need the right words – talk to us!