The Freelance Writer / Article Rewriter to Drive Sales

Writing isn’t everyone’s bag – but that doesn’t mean you don’t know what you want to say. To position yourself as an authority, you need to write well. As your freelance writer / article rewriter, our job is to write clever copy that can authentically be attributed to you. It’s a real skill; one where content, tone of voice and attitude all have a part to play.

Understanding what a freelance writer  / article rewriter does

Hire Copy Carats your Ghost Writer, Article Rewriter for outstanding article writing servicesThe role of a freelance writer / article rewriter is to understand what you mean to say, and then write it – like you would if you had the skill, time or inclination.

You are an authority in your industry, you have to sound like you. We just help you present yourself properly, so that ‘authority’ translates to sales.

Clients use us for many reasons; time pressure, because they struggle to write, or because they know they earn more doing their thing – by letting us do our thing for them.

What makes our freelance writer services different?

We can ghost write virtually anything from your CV to your novel and everything in between. Typically we start as your article rewriter but once you know how easy it is to talk to us, that step often disappears. Because why struggle to write when you naturally know what to say?

Our article writing services are as useful for blogs, magazines and online publications as they are for LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook. Nobody but you needs to know you didn’t write the copy, because our article rewriter will make it sound like you did. The way we see it, your experience is real, your views are authentic – we’re just the vehicle to get them out there in front of your audience.

So whether you want a professionally written article about you, or an entertaining blog that is you – we’ll do the job… and keep your secrets too. Get in touch.

The Copy Carats’ Difference

“You made it sound like I’d written it myself. I’d give you the credit you deserve but it would kind of defeat the whole purpose.” ~ Business Coach & Corporate Speaker

Save your time and effort – hand that writing work to us. You’ll feel good about it… and your growing profile.