Why Choose Copy Carats

Auckland CopywriterCopy Carats is headed by Cara Tipping Smith; freelance copywriter extraordinaire (at least that’s what clients tell us). She’s been doing it a long time, and there’s not much she doesn’t get. From horse hoof health to the world’s fastest optical modulation analyser, she’s written about it.

But here’s the key… it’s not just about understanding the topic. It’s about knowing how to sell, how to dig out the best from each client, and when it’s time to stop!

The freelance copywriter to generate sales

Cara’s background includes highly successful stints in contract management and sales – she  understands both sides of the buying desk. It helps that she’s also a Psychologist and been a freelance copywriter since 1997. So you can bet she knows how to push the right buttons in the real world to trigger sales. So does her team. And that’s what you want – sales!

The freelance copywriter to take the pain away

Every client is different; even ones in the same industry. You may not realise it yet… but with us, you  will. We know how to question, listen and define your USP – even if you’re struggling to define it yourself. Our systems and  processes are serious. Seriously designed (yes, by that Psychologist) to extract the right information from you, long before we get creative.

The freelance writer to give you more value

When you need 20 words, you get them. Not 22 or 18. And those words will work harder for you – because every one is purpose filled. A background as a freelance copywriter in radio will do that; we’re adept at getting your message across in the perfect number of words. Graphic designers, web developers, magazine editors, advertising agencies and audio producers love us. They love us because we give them exactly what they need –  no more, no less. Every time.

And that’s just to start with. Check out what makes us even more special on the links below. And when you need sparkling good copy, get in touch.