The Direct Marketing Copywriter for Better Response

Direct marketing can be tricky but whether it’s a video message, text messaging campaign, a series of automated emails, or a mail drop – you’re spending money on it so it needs to produce results. As your direct marketing copywriter of course we adhere to AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action – the fundamentals of advertising) but we add another ‘A’; for advocacy.

The art of the direct mail copywriter

Direct Marketing CopywriterA direct mail copywriter; in fact any direct response copywriter, has to understand the benefits of your offer.

Your direct marketing copywriter has probably written thousands of words for your exact target audience already. Those same people who buy fleet management, buy insurance. Those same people who buy toothpaste, buy shoes. We get them. What we have to ‘get’, is why your offer’s compelling.

But since we know ‘them’ – we can help with that!

What makes our direct marketing copywriter services different?

Not only do we understand audiences, our focus is right there on that ‘advocacy’. What does that mean? It means every communication we write is not just designed to prompt someone to buy, it’s designed to delight them enough to spread the word on your behalf.

As your direct response copywriter, we write the sequenced messages that step your prospects through to conversion. And our professional direct marketing copywriter services don’t just aim at your database – we aim at every potential customer they know! And your audience will want to spread the word because we make your offer genuinely compelling.

For direct marketing copy that drives results, talk to us. We even have the partners to give you the print, graphics, web, text messaging and mailing tools you need. Get in touch.

The Copy Carats Difference

“That email copy is really doing the job. We can personalise it exactly as you’ve templated and it sounds like it’s fresh every time.” ~ Private Insurance Company.

Video scripting, emails, text or print – we’re the direct marketing copywriter to help!