Copywriting Services

Copywriting – your key to more sales

Copywriting is your key to more sales. These days, somewhere between 50-95% of all presales research is done long before we speak to a salesperson. What that means is that the words you put out into the world (print, press, radio, audio, video, texts and web) are the words you are judged by.

And only if they’re good enough to compete will you generate sales.

Never before in the history of humankind have we done more writing that we do now. Sales used to be the role of salespeople; these days we write – in all our marketing communications. If you’re not  getting the return you want from your sales and marketing efforts, you need to speak to us.

Typical copywriting services

Every client is different and every copywriting project has unique needs. The kinds of copywriting we do includes:

Copywriting packages

Need copywriting for a flyer? Want a regular article or newsletter written and just want a price? Get in touch.

Tailored copywriting services

Want an idea on price for your marketing project? Just get in touch. We provide a free initial  consultation and then give you a detailed estimate for the copywriting services you require.