Copywriting 101

Copywriting Services – FAQ’s

If you don’t fully understand what copywriting services can do for your business, you’ll get the answers to the most frequently asked questions below. The bottom line, our copywriting services get you much better results from your business marketing. But if you just want to improve your own copywriting skills, check out our free copywriting tips.

Q. What is a copywriter?

A. The Concise Oxford English Dictionary says a copywriter is “a person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material”. A copywriter’s role has expanded in the digital age. We’re responsible for the writing of course, but nowadays copywriting services are often engaged in  strategy, branding, sales and even entertainment. If you’re selling in any form of writing (digital,  print, press, web, scripted audio etc…) you should talk to a good copywriter.

Q. What makes good copywriting?

A. There are 4 essential elements to good copywriting and to make them easy to remember we call them the 4Cs; Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carat.

  1. Clarity seems obvious. Confused people can’t reliably do what you want. To be effective, your marketing material has to be clear. Often it takes an outside perspective to really hone the point.
  2. In marketing, Colour is your personality; it’s what makes people like you and want to spend time with you. It’s what builds your brand. A good copywriter can nuance your marketing so it’s more appealing to your target audience.
  3. In a cluttered advertising world, Cut is essential. If your messages don’t cut through, the can’t be acted upon. Effective copywriting stands out from the dross. A good copywriter will identify your market position and enhance it.
  4. Carat is a diamond weight and we all like weight in our favour. The benefit of your offer has to outweigh your prospect’s effort. Perception is gold (24 cts). It’s not about bribing your customers; it’s about making your true value explicit.

Q. What makes Copy Carats different?

A. Our point of difference is that we’re totally focused on our clients’ goals, not winning awards, not impressing our peers; but simply getting the results you want. With Copy Carats you deal directly with your writer, not a sales person so there’s no misunderstandings – it’s a streamlined process for maximum (time and cost) efficiency.

We love great copy but we understand that every business has budget restraints. So if we can  teach you to write better copy along the way, (through our free downloads, tips and tricks, or by mentoring you or your team) then we think you’ll feel comfortable using our copywriting services  for those jobs that really need our help.

Q. How do you know what to write?

A. We ask purposeful questions and we listen carefully to your answers. We ask you about your business, what you’re offering (products and services), who your clients are (and who you would like  them to be). We also ask about your business goals, your marketing strategy and your competition.

We help you identify what we call your “golden proposition”; the reasons a buyer should purchase  from you. We don’t just choose words out of thin air – well, we do… but we do it with purpose!

Learn more about briefing a copywriter here.

Q. What’s the difference between proofreading and copywriting?

A. Proofreading is about checking for errors in a document. Those errors can include grammar, punctuation and spelling, along with checking your document makes sense to the reader and is internally consistent (uses the same words, spellings, punctuation etc… throughout the document).

Copywriting is about the art of persuasive selling. It’s about matching your message to your  target audience, making it relevant, likeable, and compelling; whether that’s explaining complex information or directly generating sales.

Q. What’s the difference between copyright© and copyright?

A. Copyright © rules can be complicated – and as copywriters, we do have to know about them… but we don’t make the rules, and we can’t copyright © your ideas for you! If you want to know more about ©, we can tell you who to see. If you want to know about our copywriting services and how  you could be making more sales with your marketing material, get in touch!

Q. Don’t copywriters work in advertising agencies?

A. Yes. And we work for advertising agencies as well as small business, so we know what we’re talking about. Advertising agencies give you the full service; copywriting, design, marketing strategy,  brand management, and more – all bundled together, at the full price. Copy Carats is about giving you unbundled options for your marketing success. We think (because we’re copywriters) that  the single most important part of your advertising spend is getting the message right. We truly appreciate all the other components – we just know poor messages won’t work, no matter how pretty they look!

Q. What if I want the full “advertising agency” service?

A. No problem! As you’d expect, we work really closely with specialists in a host of related services and can tailor a full package for you using our trusted associates. We work with Consultants, Strategists, Branding Experts, Graphic Designers, Online Marketing Specialists, Social Media Specialists, Mailing Houses and Printers; so from concept to delivery we can help you source the right skills at the right price, for a total solution. And, as it happens we also know a few good agencies we’d be willing to recommend. Give us a call and let’s see how we can best help you out.