Being Brilliant in 60 Seconds

You too can be brilliant in 60 seconds!

Networking in 60 secondsAt networking groups, we’re usually asked to deliver a short synopsis about our businesses at each meeting. The time limit is 60 seconds for good reason – because everyone deserves the same chance to promote their business fairly.

There will always be some who don’t have much to say, and others who are still rambling long after the bell’s gone off. Some will be nervous. Others will ‘wing’ it (they might be thinking up their pitch while the rest are talking). Some will be networking experts who just always nail it.

The truth is, with a little planning and practice – you could get a whole lot more out of your membership. How many times have you ‘winged’ it and missed an opportunity? How many times have you forgotten to ask for a referral? How many ‘one to ones’ have you been to where someone is surprised by something you know you’ve said in meetings?

So here’s a thought… why not give a little preparation and practice a go? If it doesn’t work for you – you’ve lost nothing. But if it does – whoa, here come those referrals!  This guide makes it easy.

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