Struggling to write? Help is at hand!

How to write an effective brief to make more of your marketing investmentOne of the hardest things as a small business owner is trying to write your own marketing material.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but I know it can be really frustrating spending hours with the backspace.  So I’ve decided to make it easier, right here and now.

No good copywriter works without a brief and you shouldn’t expect that you can either. So before you hire a copywriter and before you let yourself get frustrated (again) – write your own brief. Then if you don’t like the result of your own efforts, at the worst you have a worthy brief for a professional (but you might like the result, so it’s worth a bit of DIY yeah?!).

Here’s the link to my very brand new how to guide on ‘Giving Good Brief’. It’s short, it includes a template, and it’s entirely free. The feedback so far has been awesome but if you don’t agree – contact us and we’ll make it even better.


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