Overloaded by newsletters? Ditch the drama now!


Here at Copy Carats we get far too may newsletters a month.  Some are unsolicited and unwanted (instant delete); some are initially unsolicited but a pleasant surprise; and then there’s our regulars, the ones I can’t wait to read… but even those don’t usually arrive at a convenient time.

I’m as guilty as the next person for not wanting to miss out.  But I’m also as time poor as the next person and on a busy day I used to hit unsubscribe (often dancing through the three stage process, and losing more time)… only to have someone in the business ask me if I’d seen that tip from XYZ or news from ABC!

Honestly for the longest time I thought newsletters were fools’ gold but after being caught out a few too many times… genius struck.

Thanks to modern email programmes there’s a really simple solution. You create one folder for newsletters, and command all newsletters to go automatically to it (commanding is one of the many guilt free things you can do with machines. They never ask if it’s fair, they just do it).

With a few simple keystrokes, my problem was solved. My inbox was as clear as my conscience – guilt free indulgence in news when I want it, and no irritating interruptions when I can’t afford the time.

And here’s the best bit.  All those previously wasted minutes in my day (when I had a scheduled call in a few minutes, or arrived a little too early for an appointment) are finally useful instead. I just pop into my newsletters folder and catch up with the world; and I’ve never been better informed.

So to start the process, create a new folder in your email programme (mine’s called newsletters but call it what you want).  Then once a day (and later once a week, then once a month) create a rule for all those newsletters to go straight to your folder.

In most email programmes it’s as easy as a right mouse click… just tell your email that all content from that sender’s address should go straight to your “folder” and sit back and relax.  Yes, there’s a reason why most newsletters have their own email address.

Let me assure you, those few minutes you spend now will save you hours every week!  Hours you can spend on writing… or golf… your call!  Or call us.

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