Hire a Copywriter

Hire a Copywriter for Stress Free, Great Copy

Hire A CopywriterIf you’re not a writer, then copywriting can be really stressful.

Copywriting isn’t just about putting the words on the page; it’s about understanding your target market, defining your unique selling proposition (USP), unveiling your unique tone of voice, writing in the right style, to the right length and incorporating the key words (not just for SEO but to trigger your audience to act).

Daunting? Not when you call us.

Hiring a writer doesn’t mean you give up control. All you give up is the long hours hitting the delete  button on the keyboard. We work for businesses in all types of industries including advertising  agencies. So as a business, you’re getting the most professional and insightful copy money can buy –  and a whole bunch of hours back to focus on what you do best.

How to hire a copywriter

When you hire a copywriter, you need to give them a brief. At Copy Carats, we’re really good at  helping you do that. We come armed with questions, and we listen to what you tell us. We know exactly what we need from you; and how to get it out of you – so for first timers, there’s nothing to worry about.

Once we have what we need, we give you a detailed estimate outlining exactly what we’re offering to do and at what price. If you want to know more about giving a brief, see our free ‘how to’ guide below. But if you just want to get your job underway, give us a call – with Copy Carats you’re always in safe hands.

How to Give Good Brief

Learn how to best brief your copywriter with our free ‘how to guide’ here.

The Copywriting Process

Understand the copywriting process with our free ‘how to guide’ here.