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Following on from the 4 Cs which have been our marketing touchstones for years (Clarity, Colour, Cut and Carats) we’ve introduced ‘the 5th C’… educ-C-ation.

‘The 5th C’ is your monthly guide to business writing. There’s something for everyone; DIY tips, market knowledge; and the latest and best online resources for business marketing.

I know that as a business owner, you don’t always have the budget to outsource. ‘The 5th C’ is designed to help you achieve more on your own. And if writing is not in your DNA, don’t worry – we’re happy to step in when you do need professionals.

Each monthly newsletter includes:

  • ‘the writer’s corner’ – how to write better for your business
  • ‘across the desk’ – business marketing insights from local and global marketing leaders
  • ‘working it’ – how to manage your writer, designer and project
  • ‘finding inspiration’ – great tips for where and how to find inspiration for fresh content
  • ‘the naughty step’ – useful (and occasionally hilarious) tips on what not to do
  • ‘at the water cooler’ – the latest and best online resources for business owners

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native-americans-white-people-eat-thanksgiving-ecards-someecardsThey say a picture’s worth a thousand words… sometime it is.  Sometimes though, it’s just the eye attract and the real story is the story.

Personally we love a good story, and particularly the plethora of witticisms that get circulated through social media. A smile is worth a thousand words – politically correct or not.




And while we’re commenting on political thinking… here’s another cutey.


So you can tell we’re big fans of  And not just because they’re brilliant.  But also because they let you write your own, on the off chance you can’t find one that ticks your box.



Of course, even if you are a writer, you’ll probably find the perfect commentary for whatever it is you want to say on the site already.  We did.


Nuff said. Enjoy your Friday. And if you aren’t, check out