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Strategy and Why it Matters

Strategy?Your strategy is to get more business right? Perhaps better business, those A+ clients you’ve read about. But do you know who yours are?

Most of us go into business because we’re good technicians. But being good at business is an entirely different skill set, and marketing is another one again.

But here’s the key – we’re all capable of learning when we have the right teacher. Experience is a good teacher – but getting expert advice makes much more sense.

Fortunately I live at the pointy end of marketing; that place where the doing needs to be done. So often, it’s a business coach or marketing strategist that is calling me in to help clients deliver to the plan. That’s my favourite place to work – in the land of planning, measuring, and improving on bottom line results.

We regularly work with marketing specialists, business coaches, advertising agencies, design houses and SEO specialists. They all agree you need a strategy … and they all help you define yours.

So if you’re wondering if a copywriter can help – ask yourself, “what’s my strategy?”. If you have one – get in touch. If you don’t – we can help you get in touch with the resources you need.

Big change for Gmail users and… everyone sending newsletters!

Monday’s Herald (July 1st) had a wee article that I want to share.  Debbie Mayo-Smith pointed out the new inbox option for Gmail users and it could be a game changer. Not just for Gmail users, but for everyone sending newsletters to their customers.

Changes from Google

Your emails and priorities automatically sorted.

In short, Google has quietly introduced a Gmail inbox configuration which (with drop and drag) makes sorting inbox content dramatically different.  Now everyone can automatically weed out the content that they don’t want to see straight away.

If, like me, you’ve been automatically assigning newsletters to a separate folder anyway – it just got a whole host easier. If however you’re like most people, who get all their Gmail straight into their inbox, this is likely to be a very welcome change.

However, if you’re sending newsletters to customers, this change makes them less likely to be seen!

Now more than ever, your newsletters are going to have to stand out from the crowd. Once this inbox shift takes off (and I predict it will), your newsletters could be automatically buried in a separate tab in one of the world’s most used email systems.

Read Debbie’s article here.  And if you need help to make your newsletter more compelling contact us.